Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Eliptigo World Champion

Eliptigo World Champion!  What does that mean?  Some of you may be asking what the heck is an Eliptigo?  The Eliptigo is an Elliptical bike used for cross training.  It is an awesome cross training tool that I started using a year and a half ago.  It is by far the most fun cross training tool I have used.  Over the last 15 years of my running career I have had several injuries and done quite a bit of cross training.  The most miserable part of cross training for me is being confined indoors on a machine.  The Eliptigo allows  you to enjoy the outdoors and not be forced to stare at a screen or a wall.  Not only is it fun it is a really great workout.  I can get my heart rate close to 170 on hard rides, which is really high for cross training, without any pounding on my body.

During my pregnancy, I rode the Eliptigo frequently because it felt much better on my body.  I also rode it a lot in my return to running from pregnancy as I built back my mileage.  It was a great way to build back my fitness along with running.  About a month ago, I was asked to ride in the Eliptigo World Championships in San Diego on October 12th.  The race is a 11.65 mile hill climb up Palomar Mountain.  You start at sea level and climb to 5000ft of elevation.  I agreed to do the race and was excited and a little nervous for a new challenge.  I really hadn't rider with many people on the Eliptigo and was curious on how I would stack up in a race and especially on a crazy hill climb like this.  I had cross trained hard when I was injured but how good was I really compared to others?

Climbing Palomar Mountain at the Eliptigo World Champs

The race turned out to be awesome.  It was one of the most beautiful roads I have ever been on and the ride was really tough but fun.  From the start of the race until 92minutes later when I finished my legs burned climbing the hill.  It was a feeling I have never had in a running race.  My breathing felt pretty easy I just had to get used to keeping my turnover going while my legs burned.  One thing that did help is Steve and Stevie drove up the mountain and were able to cheer me on at several points during the race.  Seeing them made me want to get to the finish faster.  I ended up winning the women's race finishing in 92 minutes and breaking the previous record by 7 minutes.  Overall, it was an awesome experience and I am so glad I participated in it.  I had a great weekend meeting the Eliptigo family and other enthusiasts.  And I found out I am a decent cross trainer after all.

Steve, Stevie and I post race at La Jolla Cove


  1. Great job Sara! Super fast no matter what!

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