Sunday, April 6, 2014

Things are starting to click

It has now been a year in my return to running since having Stevie. We celebrated his first birthday this two weekends ago with our family and friends.  I say this constantly, but I can't believe how fast the time has gone and how big my baby is already!  He is no longer a baby anymore and is a little boy, a toddler, walking, babbling and exploring everything in his sight!
Stevie's Motorcycle Birthday Cake
Homemade Motorcycle Sugar Cookies
It has been a few months since I have last blogged and so far 2014 has been pretty awesome.  Life has been much less stressful and things just seem to be coming together much smoother this year.   Our family has been doing great.  Steve, and I have been having a blast watching Stevie learned to walk, and play.  He has a such a nutty and happy personality that makes him so much fun to be around.  His smile is contagious.
Stevie the Birthday Boy
Running has been going really well too.  I finally got over the cold I had for 6 weeks (yikes!)  and have been able to train consistently since the beginning of January.   I was sick for so long I forgot what it felt like to be able to breath and feel good.   I was lucky because around the same time I got healthy there were a lot of my professional running friends out in Phoenix for winter training.  Molly Huddle, Katie DeCamillo, Julie Culley, Lauren Fleshman, Mel Lawrence, Christine Babcock and Betsy Flood all came out for January and February to get in some warm weather training.  It was great timing for me because it really helped boost my training having more speedy friends to meet for runs/workouts each day.  I finally started feeling stronger and more and more like myself again.
Julie, Molly and I icing in my pool after a 15mile Run
I decided to race the Mountain to Fountain 15K in Fountain Hills on March 8th.  The race ended up going well and I finished 2nd to Sara Hall in a competitive elite field.   Going into the race I felt I was in shape to run 5:40pace based on my workouts.  I ended up running 5:38 pace (52:50).  I surprised myself with my fitness and felt strong for most of the race.  I went through 5K in 16:53, and 10K in 34:00 and it felt very controlled and easy.  However, I lost a lot of time on the hills in the last 5K.  I know with more training and racing I will gain that strength to finish stronger.  
Sara Hall and I warming up at Mountain to Fountain

A week after the race, I took an incredible trip for four days to Maui for my friend Lesley's wedding.  Steve and I were college teammates with Lesley at CU and we both wanted to be there for her wedding.  However, with Steve's work schedule and Stevie being so young it was going to be a little more difficult for all three of us to travel.  I also found out a group of my girlfriends (Lisa Aguilara, Ann Gafigan, Cate Robbie and Jeanna Composoti) were going to go on their own and share a condo together.  So, I decided to go solo.  It was my first "Girls Trip" I have ever taken and it was so much fun!  I don't know why I hadn't done this sooner.   It was so relaxing, I had a blast with all the girls and Lesley's wedding was beautiful.  All of us decided we need to do an annual "Girls Weekend".  There is just something about   I also got in some good training while I was there and by the end of the trip felt so relaxed and grateful to have such an awesome husband, who wanted me to take this trip and enjoy a relaxing fun weekend with my friends.  I was also wondering why Steve and I didn't have a destination wedding.  Great wedding Josh and Lesley!
My awesome Maui roommates (Lisa Aguilara, Ann Gaffigan and Cate Robbie) minus Jeanna 

When I got back from Hawaii training started to come together even more.  I've been starting to show fitness and look like a runner again.  I decided to enter the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler, which is the USATF 10 Mile Championships.   The race went well.  I ended up averaging 5:30 pace for ten miles (55:14) and was the 9th American in a very deep field. Janet Bawcom ended up winning the US Championship in (52:20) a new American record.  I felt strong most of the way and ran with a group of American women through 8 miles and fell off the pack and ran the last two miles solo.  I went through 5K in 16:40, 10K in 33:40 and 15K in 51:14---90 seconds faster than I ran 15K at the Mountain to Fountain a month ago.   I was a little disappointed because I fell off the pack at 8 miles, with only two miles to go.  However, it was the first race I have ever puked after.  Steve has always teased me that I have not run a race hard enough because I haven't puked at the end.  So according to Steve's standards I ran hard.
Top 10 Men and Women at the USATF 10 Mile Championships

I am looking forward to more racing this season.  I am a runner that needs to race more often.  I usually get better with each race and relearn how to push myself.  The races also help boost my training to another level and I get more confident and feel much stronger and faster each race I run.    I am excited for this season to be competitive again and back in the racing scene!


  1. congrats on your race 10 mile champs, lady! i saw you by the tent afterwards and wanted to come by to say 'hello' but had a chilled baby in my arms who was anxious to get back home. happy birthday to little stevie (he's too cute!) and best of luck with the rest of your season. you're definitely infantastic shape and doing us mama-runners proud!